Benefits of custom printed lanyards

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Are you currently looking for a lanyard or neck- printed lanyards for your business and straps manufacturer in Singapore? There are lots of online & offline lanyard stores are available where you’ll find different types of neck or lanyards -straps to use for purposes that are varied. You may use them to carry your business customer ID, ID, personal belongings like a core, mobile, pen drive, etc.

Printing Of Lanyard In Singapore

Unique & pleasing printed lanyards Global Asia Printings Lanyards can help you with the printing of lanyard in Singapore if you’re searching for a reliable source to create a high standard. It’s an extremely professional & experienced lanyard manufacturer company in Singapore that could build you completely customized business lanyards with a lot of variety.

Custom printed lanyards are rising in popularity within businesses of all different shapes and sizes. However, what are they, and why are they useful?

Printed Lanyards

There are lots of different types of lanyards, as we’ve discussed. One of our most popular options is the printed lanyard. Printed Lanyards differ from other options as the design that you just require is heat or surface screen printed.

Benefits of custom printed lanyards
There are lots of different advantages of custom printed lanyards, and we’ve selected, that which we believe, are the most important.

Brand Awareness

Created printed lanyards can become a highly effective marketing tool. Adding your logo to a lanyard that’s handed out to each employee will raise its visibility. Custom printed lanyards can also be utilized in various marketing strategies, for example: when attending or sponsoring an event, lanyards might be used to accompany an information pack or a site map thus giving users excellent exposure to your brand.

Lanyard In Singapore


All custom printed lanyards might be adapted to requirements and your business needs. Because of the material usually utilized when creating lanyards, i.e. nylon or polyester, the product has increased longevity and durability. The materials can be personalized efficiently and quickly who has any information you require.


The cost element is one of the most distinct advantages. In comparison with other types of promotional products, lanyards are known to be expensive. The reason behind this stems from the simplicity of the model. Most lanyards consist of a plastic clasp with a great material band, intended to be hung around the owner’s neck. They’re a very viable option when bought in bulk.


Custom printed lanyards may be used for various functions. Not only can they be used as promotional products, to all or any employees they might be used as identification tags within larger companies. Other businesses have used them to attach security badges allowing access to various elements of the firm. Custom lanyards have, in recent years, been a welcomed addition to a lot of festivals or events that require site maps or information packs.

printing of lanyard in singapore

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