How to Select a Background Screening Company

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As a human resources manager or business owner who is charged with finding and selecting the best candidates for your workplace, a background screening company is one of the many partners you’ll rely on to get the job done right. A good screening company will deliver quick, accurate, comprehensive reports using sound practices to mitigate your risks and enable you to hire the right people, the first time.

employee background check

Successful background screening companies understand how to balance human capital risk with the risk tolerance of the client’s organization, the compliance environment in which the organization operates, and the overall strategic goals of the organization. With this unique understanding, such companies will help you build an effective screening program that satisfies your key business objectives and enable you to build a better workforce.

Selecting a background screening company typically involves a process of asking for referrals or conducting an online search, reviewing the websites of several companies, narrowing down the selections to a few that appear well-suited, then requesting quotes from those top choices. Your quote request might be as simple as, help me build and implement an effective screening program for a 500-employee firm. Or it may be as specific as, provide a budget for 500 background checks per year consisting of a nationwide database search, local criminal records, SSN validation, driver’s records, drug screening, and employment verifications.

Regardless your needs, there are several important factors to consider in the process of choosing a background screening provider.

Top Factors in Choosing a Background Screening Company:

employee background check

1. Price

On the surface, proposals you receive from employee background check screening providers may look quite similar. So much so that it may be difficult to see and understand the nuances that make one company stand out from another. Price, however, is something nearly everyone can understand. We see a price and we can immediately compare one provider to another on this one tangible difference, right?

2. A Custom Approach

When selecting a background screening company, steer clear of those who offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Companies with this rigid approach will offer you a pre-designed program that fails to consider your unique risks, compliance issues, and business needs. While sometimes you can get away with a packaged approach, most often employers end up paying for information they don’t need, or worse, miss out on essential information that is needed.

3.Look for relevant experience.

Does the screening company you’re considering have knowledge of your organization, industry and relevant compliance issues? Your employment screening company can be a powerful source of advice, information, and experience – if you choose a knowledgeable partner.

4.Business Process

A reputable background screening firm will want to understand your sourcing, recruiting and on-boarding processes. They will work with you to engineer a repeatable and predictable process that meets the needs of all the HR stakeholders and aligns with your strategy and culture. Your provider can be the best in the world, but if the process is flawed, you won’t like the results.

employee background check

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