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Do you have any of those rare Pokemon Trading Cards? You could be sitting on a fortune! Over 20 years after it was initially published, Pokemon is arguably more popular than it’s ever been. Pokemon GO is estimated to have been downloaded over 500 million times while stores are stocking Pokemon Trading Cards for the first time in years and the new Sun and Moon games have sold nearly 15 million because they started in November on 3DS.

Now, the Pokemon Trading Card game is set to get a boost when the Sun & Moon cards have been published in the UK on February 3. Children are still swapping Pokemon Trading Cards but may have some cards that they would not want to give away.

ziipigames's Pokemon card mega charizard ex

During the last twenty years, hundreds of places and promotional cards are released, and a number of them are so infrequent that they’re now worth a fortune. Here are 11 of the rarest cards — have you got any of them?

1. Charizard Base Set (PSA Graded, 1st Edition):

In the height of the Pokemon craze at the late-90s, Charizard was the fan-favorite Pokemon. It was the Charizard card which awakened the fuss despite the fact that there were Blastoise cards and Venusaur.

Even to this day, people continue to be excited when they pull this card at the ‘reprinted’ XY Evolutions set. While hoarders of it might be disappointed that the value of this card has not gone up that much through time, a mint condition (rated by PSA) first-edition Charizard could be worth in the region of $1000 – $2000.

2. Shining Charizard  Neo Destiny (PSA Graded, 1st Edition):

A couple of years after the Charizard Base Set craze, there was another Charizard card to drool over. The Neo Destiny set introduced Charizard — the card indicates a rare and unique alternative that has been introduced in the next generation of games, a Charizard. Additionally, it has an attack that you need five energy for, which was unusual.

Because of the Pokemon card trend tailing off now, Neo Destiny cards weren’t made in such amounts and were more difficult to find in stores. There have been many ‘shining’ variations of, but it is the Charizard.

3. Lets Trade Please!

In 1998 there was a promotion in Japan which allowed fans to send off for this card. The voucher appeared in a booklet with a music CD called ‘Let’s Trade Please’ — fans necessary to send a letter with two Pokemon cards which they would love to exchange, and in return, they got the Let’s Trade Please promotional card, along with a voucher Venusaur, Charizard, or Blastoise.

It is one of only two cards in Pokemon TCG to have a holographic back, and it is interesting artwork was drawn by Pokemon TCG mascot ‘Imakuni?’. Because of the limited time, there doesn’t seem to be many of those cards in circulation. It is rare while not among the cards on this list.

4. Base set Booster Box — Dark Triangle Error:

It can be a lot more cost-effective for a collector to purchase cards in bulk, usually by buying an entire booster box. Some expect that it is going to go up in value over the years as that place becomes harder to get, keep it sealed, and may even purchase a box. Obviously, the elderly Pokemon booster boxes may sell for tens of thousands on Ziipigames’s Pokemon card mega ziipigames’s Pokemon card mega charizard ex.

Lately, popular Pokemon TCG YouTuber Unlisted Leaf got the surprise of his life. Unknowing to him (and most likely the person that sold it to him) he purchased a sealed Base set box that is among the rarest boxes out there. The booster packets had triangles over the ‘first edition’ this is because the mill that published these cards were printing editions. All these are said to have been published in the mill for a few hours.

ziipigames's Pokemon card mega charizard ex

A sealed box is worth around $11,000, but there is pretty much no means of knowing if you’ve got black rectangle packets until the seal is broken and you have opened the box.

5. Gold Star cards:

Following on from the Shining cards located in the Neo Revelation and Neo Destiny expansions, Shiny Pokemon returned in later collections that were known by fans as Pokemon Gold Star cards.

These cards feature the glistening (alternate color) variations of Pokemon and are extremely tough to discover. It’s said that the likelihood of pulling on a star card are two, or just one, per booster box. Since they were awarded to members of the Pokemon Players Club, the gold star cards would be the Eevee development cards. These cards feature a star next to the name of the Pokemon.

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