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I like programming, and I am a bit of a night owl, so outside working hours, sometimes midnight, I code. And when I encounter a bug, whatever time it’s I see with Stack Overflow.

It follows what programming languages last used during the workday, and conversely that Stack Overflow data can give us insights into what sorts of programmers program in the evening or night. In this post, we’ll examine every day, what tags move seen at what times, and also compare cities to see their working hours differ.

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Traffic During the Day

I analyzed Stack Overflow visits across four weeks in August 2016 by the hour, one of the 250 tags with the questions. For every, we approximated calculated the time and the time zone based on the IP address. (This is not a complete process, but examination shows it regularly works out in the aggregate.)

I chose August only because it avoids most Western vacations and the average school year, which lessens the impact of students (who may work on Instant Python Assignment Help in the evenings and utilize another set of technologies). I tried examining US visits, and the results are similar.

Do we begin with a simple question: once in the day is Stack Overflow visited by people?

Stack Overflow helps developers do their jobs, so it is not surprising that our traffic spikes during the workday, with the website getting at least a million visits per hour between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can even find a dip at 12 p.m. when programmers eat lunch.

As observed in an earlier article, Stack Overflow has much less activity on weekends, with unusually low traffic in the morning without a dip for lunch (developers use the week to sleep in!). Also, we notice Friday is smaller than the weekdays in the evening and the day.

For the remainder of this post, we’ll consider only Mondays through Thursdays to prevent differences in Friday traffic affecting the analysis.

Differences between tags

We have seen at what times people visit with Stack Overflow questions, but is different for developers that use programming languages that were specific?

Let us think about the trend of visits to four programming languages: C#, and C, Python, Javascript. Be aware that we are normalizing to “percent of visits” for that label so that bigger tags could stand compared with smaller ones.

We can see that the trend is similar across the languages: developers of all sorts use Stack Overflow in their tasks, go to sleep at night, have a break for lunch, etc. However:

C# developers start and stop their day before, and tend to use the speechless in the evenings (notice the difference in relative activity throughout. That is because moves used in enterprise and finance software companies, which start and have schedules.

C developers keep up the longest, keep using the language and start the day a bit later. That suggests C might be especially prevalent among hobbyist developers who code during their free time (or maybe one of summer school pupils doing homework).

Python and Javascript are somewhere in between Python and Javascript programmers are somewhat less likely than C programmers to work in the day, and start and finish the day than C# users.

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We have shared a program here if you want to compare your languages yourself.

What languages are used most between 9 to 5?

The above figure indicates that among the most distinguishing characteristics of a language is that the proportion of the traffic occurring during the workday, especially from 9 a.m. to five p.m. local times. Of the four words from the above graph, C# would count as the “most nine-to-five,” and C at the very least.

Which tags had least or the most of their traffic?

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