Smartphone Buying Guide: Tips for Finding the Proper Phone

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There is a reason your smartphone is always with you. Considering Facebook upgrades and it lets you keep on top of email photos, binge on Netflix and play games, your phone is pretty much. So we do not need to tell you that picking the phone is a huge deal.

Our Samsung mobile Buying Guide covers everything you will need to know before you buy, which range from the device’s display size and cost to its camera and which provider will offer the best support for your cell phone. Use this advice to be confident you get the handset for budget and your requirements.
Quick Tips

IOS is more straightforward to use; Android gives you more choice. Opt for an iPhone in case you want and gets the programs first if you stay torn between Android and iOS and timeliest software upgrades. If you wish to hardware option and choices, Android is better.

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Do not pay more than you will need to for a telephone. While the iPhone and can run you $ 800 or more and superior Android phones start at about $ 650, you will find even some options for less than $ 300 and excellent cheap alternatives below.

Get the ideal size screen. Get a phone with a screen smaller than 5.5 inches if one-hand use is meaningful to you or if you have smaller hands. (See Best Small Telephones for much more.) If you prefer to watch, a lot of videos get a phone, play games or would like to benefit from this multi window mode. Still, phone-makers have started to concentrate on ways to create even big-screen phones, like the 5.7-inch LG G6, fit comfortably in one hand.

To get a phone’s screen, color quality, and brightness issue more than resolution. A 4K display on the phone is lovely to have but sort of overkill. Pay more attention to how bright the screen is, so it is going to be easy to see outside, and just how vivid the panel is (AMOLED is much better than LCD in this respect). The very latest phones provide the high dynamic range (HDR) for showing even more colors.

Ignore camera megapixels. Together with battery life, the camera is now the smartphone feature that is most significant. Pay attention to specs like aperture (lower numbers are better) and exclusive features like dual lenses. Ignore the megapixels. Watch the Best Camera Phones.

The chip matters less than it used to. Even phones offer performance for most users. But if you would like the power for virtual reality and games, buy an Android phone using the Snapdragon 835 platform or a Snapdragon 821 chip. There is A Snapdragon 600 series processor fine for midtier Android phones. The A10 part in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is exceptionally speedy.

Do not settle for a smartphone using a battery capacity of less than 3,000 mAh. See our listing of the longest-running mobiles based on Battery Test (net surfing over 4G LTE) to learn which devices will get you through the day on one charge.

Get at least 32GB of storage. Telephones with 16GB are a rip-off, and they are becoming rarer. Select for more or 64GB if you intend to download a lot of games or take 4K video. A card slot is terrific for expanding storage to have, but it is only available on Android telephones.

Verizon is the best wireless carrier for speed and coverage, but T-Mobile is your best overall amount. MetroPCS is our original pick among discount carriers.

Cost: How Much Should You Pay?

Now that wireless carriers no longer subsidize the expense of mobiles with two-year contracts, you end up paying full price. And although by dividing the amount into monthly payments, providers attempt to alleviate the sting, you could end up paying anywhere from $650 to $800 for your telephone. We are not saying the smartphones are not worthwhile, but some alternatives are persuasive.

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