Kitchen Knife Reviews-2017’s Best Kitchen Knife.

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A kitchen in house or hotel is not complete without having a good package of knives. For a range of things to be cut, chop, and slice, it is required nowadays to have the best kitchen knife for various functions. A good kitchen knife makes preparation faster and tends to last for several years to come. So if you are imagining to get some knife for your kitchen set first, you should know about the kitchen knife reviews so that you can have a Best Kitchen Knife. Here are some Overviews for the best kitchen .

Types of Knife:

The first thing there are different kinds of knives available in the market, so you have to make sure which one you want to buy. There are different types of Knives used for various purposes such as,


Chef’s Knife: As it is efficient of making different cuts, cubes, and slices of a myriad assortment of components. It is an ideal choice for those who wish to buy only a single knife. In fact, many people are likely to buy more than one chef’s knife. A chef’s knife is also a utility knife with a pointed edge. It can be even 14 inches long and in length. Selecting the length is a matter of personal choice. If in hesitation as for the first time buyer, go for a middle option of 6.5 to 8 inches.


Utility: Is tinier and shorter than a chef’s knife, but longer than a paring knife.


Turning: Has a small blade whose end comprises of a downward point due to which it is ideal for peeling off and turning different fruits and veggies in the typical French style.


Paring Knife Is a short blade with a length of a turning knife but has no downward point.


Slicing: Is usually a thin and long knife with a smooth or scalloped edge that helps with air flow between the contact points, allowing stunning slices.


Bread Knife: Is an exclusively made knife for slicing bread without squashing it, which no other knife can guarantee you.


Cheese Knife: Is specially made for making items from cheese. A smooth cheese knife has a sharp blade and holes that do not allow to stick cheese. On the other hand, a hard cheese knife comes with a harder and thick blade for cutting parmesan and another such kinds of cheese.


Sandwich: Owns a smooth side for applying and spreading butter and sauces as well as a sharp side for cutting via the filled bread.


Of all these kinds of knives, the primary ones are chef’s, bread, and paring. A chef’s knife is a common, big utility knife to do almost anything. A paring knife is a small one for gentle tasks and skinning veggies. These three knives are commonly a part of any kitchen knife set.

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